Best Mutton Biryani Recipe

Best Mutton Biryani Recipe is challenging to make Mutton Biryani But do not worry! The love and care that go into making biryani are what make it so special. You’ll be amazed at the results if you follow the instructions and value the process. The unique flavor of the Mutton Biryani Recipe comes from the tender texture and distinct taste of mutton, especially when it is simmered for a long time. Mutton and basmati rice are a match made in heaven, with each dish enhancing the other to perfection.

Mutton Biryani Recipe Ingredients to Use:

• one cup of basmati rice

• One kilogram of mutton

• Two cardamoms in green

• Half a cup of raw cream

• Ghee in half a cup

• Four crimson chilies

• Just one bay leaf

• Two tsp cumin

• One tablespoon of paste made from ginger

• One tablespoon of pasted garlic

• Half a cup cashew

• Half a cup of raisins

• One tsp powdered garam masala

• One-fourth cup milk

• Two saffron dashes

• One stick of cinnamon

*Regarding Marination

• One cup of curd yoghurt

• One tsp powdered cumin

• Half a cup of mustard oil

• salt as needed

• One tsp of turmeric

• One tsp powdered coriander

• 1/4 tsp finely ground star anise

• One teaspoon powdered red chilies

Regarding Garnishing

• One cup of onion, sliced thinly

• Tsp chopped coriander leaves, one teaspoon

• One teaspoon of finely chopped mint leaves

• One tsp powdered kasoori methi

Lets cook Mutton Biryani Recipe:

Step 1: Clean the meat

Wash the mutton pieces first, then remove any extra water. To ensure that the marinade is better absorbed by the meat, make sure to prick it with a fork and squeeze out any excess water. Similar delicious biryani recipes

Step 2: Marinate the Mutton

Add all of the ingredients for the marinade now. Use your fingers to give the marinade a thorough rub to ensure even distribution. This meat is best kept in the fridge for the entire night. If unexpected guests are arriving, marinate and set aside for one to two hours.

Best Mutton Biryani Recipe
Best Mutton Biryani Recipe

Step 3: In a pan, heat the ghee and boil the rice.

Meanwhile, spread the rice out on a plate, then parboil it and set it aside. Overcooking the rice will cause it to become sticky when combined with the mutton. Set aside the saffron after dissolving it in ¼ cup milk. In a pan over medium heat, fry the raisins and cashews.

Step 4: Cook the Onions

Cut the onions into slices and cook them in the same ghee. Set aside and reserve half of the onions. After taking the mutton out of the fridge, let it reach room temperature. This stage is crucial to the meat’s proper cooking. Heat ghee in a container with a deep bottom.

Step 5; Cook the marinated meat

Add the whole spices cinnamon, bay leaf, cardamoms, and cumin—once the ghee is hot enough. Let them splutter a little. After adding the whole red chilies, marinate the pieces of mutton. When the mutton is tender, add the onions, ginger, and garlic paste and cook, covered.

Steps 6: Layer the Mutton and Rice

When all of the water has been absorbed and the oil has separated from the mutton, add the garam masala and continue to roast. Put one layer of cooked rice, one layer of mutton, and one more layer of rice in the same pan.Best Mutton Biryani Recipe

Step 7: Give the Mutton Biryani Recipe ten to twelve minutes to cook.

The rice layer should be the topmost layer. Add the cream and milk. Evenly pour this over the rice. Cook for ten to twelve minutes on low heat with a lid on.

Step 8: Assemble and serve your dish.

Take off the heat and decorate with coriander, onions, mint, kasoori methi, and onions. Serve hot with raita.

Tips for a good recipe:

• Dip the mutton chunks into a small amount of warm water seasoned with salt. This will soften the meat and aid in the removal of allergens and bacteria.

• You can also dry roast the spices before using them to make the Biryani really tasty.

•Soak rice for 10 to 20 minutes before boiling.

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