Savor the Flavors of Homemade Prawn Biryani Recipe

Delicious and delicate, prawn biryani recipe is a dish that will have you begging for more. It’s incredibly easy to make. Jheenga or jhinga biryani, also known as shrimp biryani, is a popular dish in India. Delightful spicy shrimp masala, slow-cooked to perfection, layered with fragrant basmati rice and crisp fried onions!

Compared to chicken or mutton biryani, shrimp/prawn biryani recipe is much simpler to prepare. You don’t have to spend endless hours in the kitchen doing it. This dish won’t disappoint you, even if you’re making it for the first time. Additionally, the shrimp require far less marinating time than other meats like chicken (Hyderabadi biryani), goat, or beef.

Ingredients for prawn biryani recipe:

  • 1/2 cup well-whisked yogurt;
  • 500 g cleaned and deveined Prawns
  • 1 tbsp Kashmiri red chili powder
  • tsp powdered turmeric
  • 3–4 slit green chilies;
  • ¼ cup fried onions (birista);
  • 2 tsp of powdered garam masala
  • 1 tbsp ginger and garlic paste;
  • 1 tsp coriander powder;
  • 1-inch cinnamon stick;
  • 4 cardamom;
  • 4 cloves;
  • 5–6 black peppercorns;
  • ¼ tsp crushed mace;
  • ¼ tsp grated nutmeg;
  • 1 tbsp oil;
  • lemon juice
  • Salt to taste.
  • One large, sliced onion;
  • one chopped tomato;
  • ¼ cup chopped coriander leaves;
  • two tablespoons chopped mint leaves
  • Three tablespoons of oil
  • Two cups of basmati rice, long grain (soaked for thirty minutes)
  • ½ tsp lemon juice
  • 1 bay leaf
  • ½ teaspoon Shajeera caraway seeds;
  • One inch cinnamon stick
  • oil
  • 1/4 cup fried onions (birista)
  • a big pinch of saffron
  • Two tablespoons of Ghee


  1. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a sizable bowl. Mix in the shrimp after adding them. Give it a cover and give it half an hour to marinade.
  2. Preheat three tablespoons of oil in a heavy-bottomed pan (use a pot with a tight-fitting lid, as we will be slow-cooking the biryani in it). Add the onions and fry them until they begin to turn golden. After adding the bay leaf, saute the tomatoes for an additional minute on high heat.
  3. After that, mix in the marinated shrimp. Cook for one minute on high heat and three minutes on low heat (do not add water while cooking). Cook for an additional thirty seconds after adding the mint and coriander leaves.
  4. Put enough water in a big pot. Add the salt, shazeera, oil, lemon juice, and bay leaves. Heat it until it boils. When the water is boiling, add the rice and cook until it is 70% done.
  5. Add some fried onions on top of the prawns. When the rice is 70% cooked, remove it from the pot and evenly distribute it over the layer of prawns using a large colander or slotted spoon. Over the rice layer, scatter the melted Ghee and saffron water. Put the tight-fitting lid on the pot. After putting the pot on high heat, cook it for five to seven minutes. Place a hot tava or griddle underneath the pot and cook for another 15 minutes, or “Dum.”
  6. After 15 minutes, turn off the heat source and let it rest for 10 minutes. Remove the lid and serve the delicious hot prawn biryani with your preferred raita.

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Expert Advice

  • When making biryanis, always use long-grain basmati rice; it should be fluffy when cooked, with each grain remaining separate.
  • To achieve the ideal biryani recipe, the rice must be pre-soaked for 30 minutes.
  • When prawns are marinated, the flavor penetrates deeply, resulting in the tastiest biryani you’ve ever had.
  • To make this biryani, always use a pot with a heavy bottom and a lid that fits tightly.
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